Questionable people in Saline Valley?

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Posted by Marek Cichanski on April 30, 2002 at 02:23:38:

I noticed that back on 4/19 Lara posted an inquiry
about Saline Valley, and Joel Briggs responded on
4/21, asking her to take a radio because there were some "questionable people" in Saline Valley.

I must admit that that piqued my curiosity, and so I guess I'm asking Joel if you're at liberty to elaborate on that.

I was headed for SV recently (although I changed my plans for logistical reasons), and I'd been
envisioning the peaceful, friendly scene at the springs (mid-week, at least).

Naturally, there is wide variety of opinion about
whether the NPS expansion into SV is a good thing or
not, but I would tend to assume that most people would agree that an NPS presence, however sporadic, might tend to deter "questionable" folks from heading there the way they might have done in the past.

But maybe I'm wrong about that. I suppose that this
might turn into a wider discussion about the real
likelihood of getting hassled by other people when
exploring the DV region. I know that when I was doing
my field work in the Panamints, I never really had
any negative encounters. People were generally very
nice to me - the Ballarat crew, miners, hikers, 4WDers,
campers, etc... A little common sense seemed to go a
long way towards avoiding trouble.

Just curious,

Marek Cichanski

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