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Posted by Joel Briggs (the real one) on April 30, 2002 at 13:46:16:

In Reply to: Questionable people in Saline Valley? posted by Marek Cichanski on April 30, 2002 at 02:23:38:

Clarification time...

The springs are great as with the hundreds of people I have met there and agree with Trevor Tarr - it is safe. I have never encounter any difficulties with the exception of being drunk and acting stupid... (in a good way), but that is the charm of the springs.

Now, outside the spring that is a different story. I have encounter people coming down the road at 60MPH and not slowing down. In 1999 I had to swerve off the road and crash down in a ravine as in order to prevent a head on. Stupid jerk only slowed down enough to make sure I was moving and then sped off. Cost me approximately $6,500 to fix my Land Cruiser. Next, you have the gun-toting idiots from the city shooting at everything that moves. I actually saw them shooting at burros - killing two. And then there are the questionable camps along the way. I will not mention any names, but one would be wise not to leave their cars attended for extended amount of time near them. The BLM can justify what I am saying about this as with the Park Service.

Last year we encountered an individual who was very irate and toting a gun demanding we get off his claim - granted the claim was in the boundaries of the wilderness area. We did what he wanted and exited out with no further confrontations. A few years back I was camping near the lower Salt Tram workings only to be awoken by a large explosion. We never found out what it was - but it was loud.

Maybe I am just unlucky - but the mere fact remains, one must be careful on the back roads heading to the springs. I highly recommend that you let someone know your intentions and directions on getting to the springs and not to deviate from them.

Bring plenty of water and make sure you have a spare. If you break down - stay with the car. Chances are some one will be by in the next hour or so. If not familiar with the area, go with someone who is.

Just my concerns and issues.

Joel Briggs

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