Fish Canyon, Escape Trail

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Posted by Lara on May 06, 2002 at 09:45:46:

Over the weekend I finally found the road to Fish Canyon - looking for a geocache for one thing and wanting to find more of the escape trail for another. It took me a month and three tries to find the dirt road to the canyon! It is not shown on any of the topo maps I have.

Question: There are markers in the canyon showing the trail and I was wondering how far up they went. I didn't go up the canyon past the memorial marker but did drive the slow torturous route to the valley and lake below. It looks like many of the markers have been stolen.

Does the route extend across the lake - it looks as if there is a road there but I didn't want to attempt that with just one car in case it was too soft.

Does anyone know how far UP the canyon one can drive? The BLM marker showed an "up" arrow that way and I could see tire tracks. Can one get to the gravesite of Mr. Fish?

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