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Posted by curt on May 17, 2002 at 17:57:12:

Hi all,

I've been reading this message board ever since I returned from a week in the Cottonwood Mountains and I'm surprised at the level of animosity towards 'environmentalists' and the NPS. I can’t really defend the record of the NPS. I’m sure they have their problems as does any large government bureaucracy. My point is, that Death Valley and every other state and national park would be in much worse shape without the hard work of all those 'eco-nazis'. I'll admit that I am a hiker and have very strong feelings about the preservation of wild areas. Yes, it's unfortunate that California has 30 million people. We no longer have vast tracts of wilderness for people to treat as they please. I've spent 1/2 of my life searching out unspoiled corners of this state and I've learned that access equals destruction. It's REALLY hard to find any areas of California that haven't been compromised by human development. I'm not against people enjoying the outdoors in their cars but we do need to put a priority on leaving large tracts of land free of the harmful effects of our industrial age. I'm not trying to pull anyone’s chain or be inflammatory. Just wanted to add another opinion.


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