"not even a road" Bawhahaha!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Dezdan on July 04, 2002 at 00:31:14:

In Reply to: Well they sneek one in on us Good By Goler wash posted by Paul on July 03, 2002 at 20:44:10:

I love this part of the article: "It's land unchanged by humans: no stores, no houses, not even a road.

Not even a road??? NOT EVEN A ROAD???? Ummm, has anyone looked at the maps?!?!?!?! I see many, many, many, many miles of roads in the new prospered wilderness areas... What a joke, no roads my @$$!!! Jezz, they put out this BS about no roads to try and get the public to back them. 

This brings up on of my favorite things to see on a Topo map; If you you at some of the more recent topos produced you will see well defined dirt roads suddenly stopping at wilderness boundaries. Does this mean the road ends there? No, not in a sense cause that road still goes on! This just means that the area is wilderness and that they should not be any roads in wilderness so they just delete them form the maps to make bureaucrats in DC happy.


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