Re: Surprise Canyon, my two cents worth.

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Posted by Bodie the Dog on August 05, 2002 at 10:50:20:

In Reply to: Surprise Canyon, my two cents worth. posted by Gene Rubin on August 04, 2002 at 11:41:47:

Once again, someone posts a pro-environmental discussion of road closures in a thoughtful, rational manner, only to be met with scorn, taunts, and name-calling. I hope that for every ignoramus that attacked Gene, there are several lurkers who read his words and thought about them. You do realize that such attacks only inhibit future posts and good discussions? But allow me to sink to their level for a moment:

Rockcrawler: attacking one's physical appearance because you don't agree with their opinion went out of vogue in about 8th grade. How old are you?

Cecile: anyone who's main income is apparently derived from driving large numbers of 4x4'ers down these dirt roads is obviously biased towards keeping the roads open. Try to get past this bias and do some research on your own. Shame on you for using the word, "ecological" in your company's name. Reminds me of the somewhat new Chevron commercials where they claim they're working to preserve the environment. And a challenge: without using a dictionary, define the term, "ecosystem."

SteveS: clever sarcasm (not). You do realize that attacking those who are brave enough to share their opinions with us is going to inhibit others from making similar posts in the future? If you don't appreciate opinions that differ from yours, maybe you need to leave this site and hang out at a pro-4x4 site like that Duners site, where you can all talk about launching tortoises and U.N. conspiracies to take over the desert.

Maddog: you sound like an avid Rush Limbaugh listener. Like him, you speak in half-truths. While there may still be frogs there, that does not PROVE your assertion. There are still salmon in the rivers of Northwestern USA. Does that prove that dams and salmon are compatible? Ever hear the oldtimer's stories of being able to walk across the Columbia river on the backs of the fish, there were so many? But according to your logic, dams are good for fish, maybe even increasing their population, because fish still exist after all these years. Maddog, I think you missed your last lithium dose.

Thom: Our government is based upon compromise. It's the way politics work. I agree it's frequently a bummer, but someone has to budge eventually.

Won't go there: what does homophobia have to do with this thread (and this web board for that matter)? Let's see, you must be about 19 years old, live in Southern California, maybe in the military....

So bring it on! But if you're going to reply to this post with more off-topic insults, how about using my email address and keeping things civil at this site?

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