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Posted by Bodie the Dog on August 06, 2002 at 11:12:07:

In Reply to: Re: Bodie, a legend in your own mind posted by Chuck - a - Walla on August 05, 2002 at 23:13:58:

Any particular reason you singled me out while ignoring the other half dozen or so name-callers?

You apparently missed the whole point of my post, and the part where I said, "But allow me to sink to their level for a moment:" I was hoping to demonstrate that I prefer the high road, but I am fully capable of engaging in "ha ha, ain't I clever?" mud-slinging as well.

As Gene's latest post has shown, the scorn and name-calling engaged in by some posters on this board does drive away people, effectively muzzling the opinions of those who disagree with the antagonists.

I also asked that you contact me personally to attack me. Does slamming me on this board make some contribution to discussions of Death Valley?

Please, administrator of this board, correct me if I'm wrong and I'll play nice. But isn't the purpose of this board to discuss all things related to Death Valley? Does that mean only reports of trips, road conditions, flora, fauna, and geology? Or does that also include discussion of policy and law as relates to same?

I like a good, polite debate. When everyone participates, new viewpoints are seen, and everyone is enriched thereby. My own philosophies regarding the "wilderness" have been influenced by participation in this board. You would no doubt call me a tree-hugger or environmentalist, but guess what? One label doesn't fit all. I'm also against many of these road closures. A discussion is only as good as it's participants. If everyone involved thinks the same, what is gained? I do not post contrary viewpoints just to piss people off, but do so because I genuinely believe these things and don't like to see a one-sided discussion.

I do not take offense to differing opinions, I take offense to closed minds hiding behind mis-placed antagonism and juvenile taunts.

So once again, I invite you to direct insults to my email address, Time to move on to another topic. How about Access Fees?

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