Just returned: cold spell in DV and CC Hiker

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Posted by Fran on August 16, 2002 at 12:25:03:

Hi All,

Just got back to the east coast after a week in the valley and a week in Northern California. (We should have stayed 2 weeks in DV). For all the times in the past that I have been in DV in August this was by far the coolest (from my readings not one day over 116 at Furnace Creek, in the past it has always been over 120. I had the best Filet Mignon in 45 years at the F.C. Inn (We only "rough DV in the odd number years). Not only that but it was like my wife and I had the place to ourselves on the 5th, 6th, and 7th. (The pool was mighty refreshing after a full day of exploring the valley!). The Chevy Blazer rental held up even with the "passenger tires" (which I was much concerned about) and unfortunately we did not travel to the racetrack after being told by 3 different persons that the road was in horrendous condition - one of the guys said he was fortunate to have 2 spares with him last week when he made the trip . ( wish I had my own rig with me.)My wife could not believe how majestic the West side of the valley is and she thought the Panamint Spring Resort would be a great place to stay in the future. The food was great and everyone was friendly. On our approach to the PSR we obseved a man covered from hear to toe in a white garment. We remarked that he looked like a crazy person. a mile down the road at the flats, we came across a fancy looking van parked blocking the N-bound travel lane. This was stange, or so we thought, until this man walked into the PSR and the van pulled up and two guys with computers and camera's followed behind. He told us that he was attempting to walk across Dv to Mt. Whitney within 60 hours and that he had gotten ill at Stovepipe Wells and had to stop for 8 hours, but that he and his "team" believed they would make it. God bless him. After exploring Darwin (rather a depessing area and that "stench in the air" was bothersome - what causes that? We wanted to do the Saline Valley road but we were not equipped in the manner that we like to be and of course there was the heat. I know that this posting might not sound to exciting to some but let me tell you; We can't wait to return in October with "Our own vehicle".

By the way, as we left Las Vegas on Rt 160 we passed through a beautiful area known as "Red Rock" and "Mountain Springs" We got some nice shots which I hope to post. Also "Beatty NV" was fine. I consider moving there after retirement (2 months away) and Ash Meadows was also beautiful (those poor scuba divers) and DVJct and the Opera House was a great place to have a picnic lunch.

I will post some of the road conditions that we experienced in the next couple of days.

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