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Posted by on October 07, 2002 at 13:16:09:

In Reply to: Re: Bill Helf's "Facts" posted by Wilson on October 07, 2002 at 12:49:06:

Sorry Wilson. I did not know that I was required to clear any comments thru you. Where does it say that you are the censor of this site? Sounds like I touched a sensitive nerve. I note nothing original in your choice of words or phrases. Kinda lock-step, knee-jerk. Have someone re-read my comments to you. I am fully behind/supportive of the local National Park Service Police. Are you? They have to do the dirty work and I support their efforts. Time and again their efforts are tharted by tree-hugging, earth-worshipping, air-headed judges who do not support their efforts. In all fairness, let's look at each other's Web Sites to establish if we are both desert lovers. Are you the self-appointed judge of what kind of information is exchanged at this site by lovers of the desert. Or, were you appointed by a "Select Blue Ribbon Committee" to keep this site pure? I earned the right to speak by serving in the United States Marine Corps (volunteer). Which service did you volunteer for? By the way, I practiced preservation and recycling starting in the 1950's. Long before it was a "polilically correct" thing to do. When did you start? I expect you to do a whole lot of bobbing and weaving, avoiding and evading so let it be said that I would like to be able to see your web site. That would be a good start toward establishing your own credibility. Fortunately, my half a mind is more than adequate to deal with you.

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