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Posted by Bill Helf on October 16, 2002 at 10:16:07:

In Reply to: Re: Road Closures posted by Clifton on October 16, 2002 at 09:01:43:

I agree with you. Isn't this S.O.P. for the Feds (and, to a lesser extent with some states, CA excluded) when they get involved with anything? The common practice is to round up the law-abiding sheep and restrain them. Meanwhile the lawbreakers, criminals and politicians continue to operate, as they always have, according to their own pleasure, thumbing (p.c. word) their nose at the law and the restrained sheep. The "Camp Followers" are always close by and constantly come up with new ways to restrain the self-reliant (the self-reliant are the targets of the government and the "Camp Followers"). My ancestors came to this land in 1636 (and, possibly earlier) to escape from oppressive sheepherders (Virginia: read kings, princes, potentates). We now suffer far higher taxes, less freedom and far more crime than we had under the sheepherders in the 1600's in Europe. In the Year 2002, this is NOT THE LAND OF THE FREE as advertised. Free men and women have to be ever vigilant. Only they can protect their interests. Most of us are truly committed to the concept that the means to getting to the ends must be honorable. Unfortunately, this almost forgotten concept is foreign to our enemies. The National Park Service is the surrogate sheepherder for the Sierra Club, Tree Huggers of America, Rock and Sky Worshippers and others who have control of your elected representatives. If eating dirt became popular, these various groups would pressure DiFi and "Featherweight" to pass laws to restrain, control, limit, etc. every aspect of eating dirt. Unregulated eating of dirt would drive them crazy. The N.P.S. just carries out the policies established by higher authority. They are not original thinkers or philosophers. They do the best that they can considering that they too are under tight restraints.

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