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Posted by RiverRat on October 16, 2002 at 23:37:12:

In Reply to: The reason behind.... posted by hank jr on October 16, 2002 at 17:44:36:

I agree, good discussion. A couple comments follow.

I have rowed two trips down The Canyon--both were private (non-comercial) trips. The privates follow the same protocols for clean as the commercial outfitters do. Both work together to protect The Canyon.

Bill Helf, it (the right to hold and speak your opinion) goes both sides of the fence. I remember once, at a heated meeting, being told to "Go back where you came from". This was in my home county, where I was born and raised, vote, pay taxes and maintain a residence. I respect your right to your opinion, just as I maintain my right to try and change it. What has made this a nice discussion is, no flames.

Hank Jr, I guess I was confusing the signing of the DPA with the signing of the Tuolumne River Wild and Scenic bill. That was by Reagan in 1985? After it was signed, we had a Victory Party at the Fairgrounds, where much alcohol and other things were consumed, and a Victory River Trip early the next day, guides hung over, where the rest of the alcohol and stuff was consumed. Not too many people hurled over the side of the rafts, but at camp . . . . I believe that act also established the Mono Basin Scenic Preserve, or whatever it is called. That was a big step in the fight to save Mono Lake.

They say the mind goes first, fortunately I maintain my rugged good looks . . . .

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