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Posted by Art Berggreen on October 23, 2002 at 11:59:49:

In Reply to: HTML Intro posted by Art Berggreen on October 23, 2002 at 11:52:59:

HTML is just a sequence of instructions to your broswer to describe how
to format what is displayed, to identify what are clickable links, etc.

The "Followup" section at the botton of each post is an HTML "form"
containing several fields which are filled out and sent back to a
PERL script when the "Submit Follow Up" button is clicked. The PERL
script takes the contents of the filled out form fields and inserts
them into a template of the basic posting page and then sends that
page to be displayed on your browser. The new page is also added to
the file of existing pages so that it can be viewed by others. The
contents of the "Comments" form field are used to provide the body
of each post. What is important here is that the template provides

contents of comments field

Note that the Comments test is just inserted into the middle of the
HTML code where it would normally be displayed as text. But the browser
also scans this looking for HTML "instructions". If proper HTML instructions
are included, the browser will act upon them.

The basic "instruction" to include an image in an HTML page is the tag:

<IMG SRC="URL_of_image" BORDER="0">. The image has to exist as an
accessible image on some web server. Since it is not likely to be
on the Death Valley Talk server, you need to have it hosted somewhere
else and provide a complete URL to point to the image. You can provide
as many <IMG> tags and other valid HTML tags as you want. They DO need to be
properly formed and formatted. Just remember to keep the image size and
image file size relatively small.

Hope this helps someone,


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