Food and Cabins Never Mix!!!

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Posted by Dezdan on November 01, 2002 at 01:43:33:

In Reply to: Re: Thanksgiving Weekend posted by Scootertrash on October 31, 2002 at 22:33:17:

Food and Cabins Never Mix!!!!

Last August me and the Drifter came across a complete mess at the Geologist Cabin. Upon opening the door we immediately found the cabin floor covered in Rat feces and some sort of yellow liquid Rat deposits. 

Rat $hit Everywhere!
The Mess We Found.

After a quick check about we noticed that the flag window had been knocked out and a hole chewed through the screen. Some one had left a bunch of instant soup packets in which the Rat was munching on. 

Missing Window!
The Missing Window.

We removed the large items that needed to be cleaned from the cabin including a chair where the Rat had started to nest.

Nested Chair!
Rat Damage To Chair.

We both dawned dust mask and began the clean up process with first consisted of dousing the cabins floor with water. As we moved the resident ice chest off of the lower shelf one of the fattest Rats I have ever seen went streaking across the floor towards the firewood pile. We each grabbed a broom and began the hunt. After a few minutes of playing hockey with that damn Rat (he was a fast little devil!) we were finally able to get him out the door along with a rather large lizard we found in the process. 

Watered Down Floor...
The Floor Watered Down.

Finally with the floor cleaned we patched the screen and reinserted the window into place and nailed her shut. Also just as we began to leave we notice the the cabin door did not close properly and left a small gap where other small critters could make there way into the cabin. With some quick ingenuity we rigged up another latch on the door so it closed tighter then previous. 

Drifter putting the final touch up...
Drifter getting ready to hang the curtains.

When all was said and done the cabin was once again clean and secure. So please folks use a little common sense and keep food out of the cabins and always leave the place better then you found. The cabins are for all to enjoy so lets take care of them and not do careless things...


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