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Posted by Cecile on November 04, 2002 at 22:33:29:

In Reply to: You have a valid point... posted by Hank jr on November 04, 2002 at 20:50:53:

I've been avoiding posting too much so I didn't say something I shouldn't. Believe me I'd like to tell a few of you where to go and call you a few names. But that would not serve anyone or the message board any good. However I have some things I need to address here and I want you to read them and think about them before you continue on in the manner you have been.

When I woke up this morning I expected to have a few comments about my dog Jake's story in the ghost town of Masonic. Was I dense? I thought perhaps that someone might actually have read the thing, and shared their adventures in Masonic, or perhaps told a story about the first time their dog ever lifted his leg on a log. Or perhaps some of you have never heard of Masonic and would like to know where it is. Maybe you have heard of it and even been there, but you'd like to know more history on the place? It's no secret and you don't have to sign up for one of my - oh God forbid - there Cecile goes again - "tours" to find out about it. I'm happy to share information and encourage people to go out there and do this stuff on their own. I'll even give you the sources for my histories, if you'd rather look up the information yourself. And I'll tell you how to do it responsibly without hurting yourself or the environment, if you don't already know that.

I also thought, (oh dear, how naive I have been), the little piece on my backyard mining history might be of interest to some of you - and you might e-mail me or contact on one of the couple of message boards I frequent and say, wow, I've been there, but never knew there was mining up there. Or perhaps, yes, I've been to the Monte Cristo area many times, I know about those mines. I even thought perhaps it would spark some of you to do some research on the history of your own backyard and you might be surprised what you found.

When I realized that a few of you have completely misconstrued my intentions, for my website and my appearances here on, and now you are completely misconstruing the reason Roger and Marty and I do tours, I thought about it and decided the best think I could do is present more of my histories and share the real reason I love the Death Valley, the Sierras, the Mojave, etc. The real reason I do what I do. Anybody even look at the story I gave you on Darwin? Anybody care? I know.. Darwin's a joke of a town... but it's got a rich history and it's in it's own one of a kind category.... and gosh it's something half ways related to Death Valley.

I recently quit my real job to get away from 13 years of working in an office of pms and now postmenopausal women and all the politics and backstabbing that goes on. I frequent the boards to meet other people who like the same things that I do, and to share my knowledge and information with others. I also happened to have landed the opportunity at the same time I got my real job 13 years ago to run historical 4-wheel drive tours with my husband, Roger. I'm not going to defend my tours or say anything much about them - other than yes - I do them it's who I am and a big part of my life - and it also should prove as my credentials to give out the information I do. Through the message boards, I realized I liked to write about the things I love. I think I have a bit of a knack for it. Ok, I now have all of this free time on my hands, so I decided to do a website - an online magazine where I could put my knowledge and hopefully my sense of humor. I included the tours on the front page because they are who and what I am, and they do show those credentials. Our regular clientele also will now have a place to qet up to date info about the tours, and if through some good fortune, I pick up a few new people, that would be great too. But I don't feel that my front page, or anything here I have said at any time on any of the boards has said "Buy me, buy me, buy me," as so many of you are insinuating. If anything a couple of you who have intentionally bashed me, I have asked if you would like to accompany us on a tour as my guest so you can see what we do. I'm even planning an event for a bunch of us on one of the other boards to get together and enjoy the desert. At least I was until all of this nonsense this morning started - now I'm not so sure some of you are the type of people I would care to be around..... I could be wrong... but from what I have seen today....I'm not so sure. You have succeeded in making me realize even more than I already knew, that no matter where you are and what you are doing... people are people and are going to only listen to what they want to listen to, and try to knock someone else down in the process. I have traded an office of pms and pre-menopausal women for a bunch of "good old boys" who aren't any better than those women.

Now I realize, my assumptions, like yours, could be wrong, and I am certainly welcoming you all to prove otherwise. I also thank those of you who I have personally heard from today who don't understand any more than I do where the rest of you guys are coming from with all of this. The support and good words was very welcome. I will not be run off this board or any other like some people have been, and I will post information that I hope you will realize is intelligent and informative. I'll even laugh with you around the campfire when it's appropriate to do so. I also hope, someday, somewhere, we might actually meet out on that dusty dirt road and realize, hey, that's that person from the message board... hey, they aren't such a bad person after all....hey, we actually are all interested in the same kind of things... and hey we might like each other after all. Let's all grow up and start talking about the things we like here. And we should all thank Jerry and Last Chance Rand for giving us all the freedom they do around here. This can be a fun place to be, when we forget about all the other nonsense.

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