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Posted by NoKarma4U on November 19, 2002 at 14:40:53:

19 NOV, 2002, 20:20:05 GMT

It's official. My spirit has left my body and is on its way to Death Valley. No longer content to sit complacently and wait for Friday in order to depart with the rest of my body, my spirit (my soul, my chi, my essence-of-being) has departed my body and is presently passing through Yermo on its way to Baker and destinations beyond. My boss has called an emergency division meeting to try to decide what to do with my inert body, as my lolling head rests drooling on my desktop, threatening vital electronic equipment.

My spirit appears to be doing well and is making good time travelling northbound along the I-15 with the flow of steady traffic. I anticipate that it will arrive well ahead of my body and the rest of my family and stake-out an excellent camping spot. My body, meanwhile, while deprived of verve and general mobility, is doing its best to get along without its kindred spirit and is eagerly awaiting a holidy reunion.

Best wishes to all on the boards. Those of you travelling to the DV area next week, please feel free to look me up or track me down.


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