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Posted by THAWTE on November 26, 2002 at 19:26:24:

In Reply to: This was a response I got back from the BLM. posted by No Name on November 26, 2002 at 11:18:41:

"Already a few web sites out there, inadvertently in some cases, have broadcasted pictures of illegal activates that have led to the damage of a few mining camps and cabin remains."

I attended a DOI meeting where this issue was discussed, and that is indeed the reason behind all of this. A few letters from the BLM where sent out kindly asking some site owners to remove certain photos from their websites, but as of yet no one has done so. Even a fellow poster here on this message board was sent a letter asking him to remove a few photos that pictured his wife and kids climbing a rock wall at the Reilly town site and calling the historic wall the "Anthony Mill climbing wall". To date, these photos have not been removed, and archeologist with the BLM have noted further deteriorating conditions at the site do to others climbing the wall. This deterioration at the Reilly town site significantly increased after these photos were posted and made available to the public. So maybe if a letter won't work, a little peer pressure will! So Lewis Shorb of, how about helping to save the Reilly town site from further deterioration and remove those photos?

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