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Posted by Bodie the Dog on December 02, 2002 at 15:59:17:

In Reply to: Coffeecan, Bodie The Dog; posted by RR on December 02, 2002 at 12:32:52:

Actually, I'm not excited about encountering large convoys of any kind on the trail. I guess I'm a weirdo, because I go out to the desert to get away from the city.

But I really get my hackles up when someone is leading large groups which impact the quality of my trip, for their own personal profit. My point was that there will be an extra delay due to the newbies' inherent inexperience. I'd also rather not encounter a 13-member jeep convoy, but at least they'll usually be good drivers, familiar with basic etiquette, and make it up the grade in a timely manner. That's the difference. No, I'm not usually in a huge hurry when out there, but I'd rather pick my own spot to enjoy the view than at the side of narrow road eating others' dust.

Hey, I'll admit I know nothing about the BLM's guide permitting system, but if they run it anything like they've historically run the grazing/mining permit system, the permit revenues don't come anywhere close to paying for the resources being damaged.

And what's up with mentioning where I live? Is that supposed to be some kind of veiled threat? I see a pattern developing here; next you'll be calling me a troll. Isn't that the phrase currently in fashion among cyber-explorers?

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