Let's all get over it & start over again leaving out the nonsense

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Posted by Cecile on December 02, 2002 at 23:16:37:

In Reply to: Thanksgiving & a Taste of Christmas at Cerro Gordo posted by Cecile on December 01, 2002 at 22:58:37:

Why is it every time I open my mouth around here someone thinks I'm advertising a tour then we get in to this bickering anyway? We all say a lot of things we shouldn't and then the real idiots come out. Let's all get over it. All I really wanted to say is:
1. I had a great time at Cerro Gordo - it snowed - we kept the town open for day visitors after all.
2. Some of our group went to the Lippencott Road and ran into another group that were turning around claiming it was too tough. Our group continued on to check for themselves and had no problems. I was curious what others here had to say about their recent experiences about Lippencott.
3. If you are interested in knowing how the Donner Party, the Death Valley 49'er party, and the early California miners in places like the gold country, and Randsburg spent their holidays I've got a story on my website that you might want to check out this month. And I've got some interesting versions of some Christmas Carols favorites as well.
4. I've gotten Mike Patterson's approval to do an official page on Cerro Gordo for those interested in visiting this beautiful ghost town - be checking as the month goes along I'll have that page up soon,along with pictures & visiting information.
Now, was any of that so painful? I'm sorry for anything I did after my original post to contribute to the degradation of this board. I do not feel the original post was out of line in anyway, and I will not apologize for that however. I know better than to let my ire get the best of me and stoop to the level that some of the others here have, but once in awhile a girl just gets caught up in everything and gets a bit carried away.

I also really wanted to know about everyone elses trips this weekend and how was that big feast at Panamint Springs????????

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