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Posted by Scootertrash on December 09, 2002 at 20:37:55:

In Reply to: Speeding posted by teefa on December 09, 2002 at 16:17:17:

Bodie is on the money, you can be arrested for high speed in nevada. In california, you would be cited 22348(b)VC For speed over 100. If his pal went to jail he may have not only had a bad attitude, he may have committed several other violations at the same time(lane changes unsafe, following too close,passing on the right shoulder etc...)most jails do not have the facilities to house speeders unless they are intoxicated. A citation for speed over 100 is the kiss of death for insurance for your next 3.5 years. AAA will drop you on the spot. Farmers will raise your rates by simply adding another zero on the tab- the 400 minimum policy will jump to 4000. The DMV is worse than the courts as they will suspend your license for 30 days, then you must file the SR22 for 7 years. This means you must pay the insurance extortion if you want your license. Forget ever getting your renewal in the mail. Richard is not correct in that you must be arrested for 20 over the speed limit. If that were true the city of Las vegas would still be a dirt strip with the lonely and only hotel Flamingo. The officers working the Baker Grade have no problem citing dozens per day, all over 100. They simply do not have enough officers. The CHP has the same uniform strength as they did in 1968 and there are 5 times as many vehicles.The high number of drivers with no formal education has added to an unusual high mileage death rate so Motorists need to be aware that enforcement activity will be on the rise this holiday season. As for the vanishing act on the ticket, beware that you will have a 48 state warrant for your arrest. No agency will extradite for a traffic ticket, but you privlege to drive will be a gonner for 7 years. You will not be able to rent a car in this country as the warrant will be drawn off your name and date of birth, not your international license. I recommend that you contact the court and request a reduced sentence for a no contest plea. If you are stopped in nevada with a warrant, god help you as they will tow your car for 30 days and lock you up for 7. The nevada Highway partol is more than fair with motorists. When you cross the line and go to fugitive, even for traffic, they simply lock you up. You will not hear the Beatles in the slammer there old bloke...... Pay yer fine and play it safe!

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