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Posted by hank jr on December 23, 2002 at 20:29:44:

So many people who four wheel have no clue. They run their vehicles into the ground because of their own stupidity, then blame the factory. People have no clue how to drive, nor how to build a vehicle to succeed.

We have owned two GM's, a Toyota, and a Dodge, and four wheeled all of them across the west. We have never had any brakdowns or problems, including flat tires. This accomplishment is almost unheard of amongst rockcrawlers today.

First off and straight up, most four wheelers can't drive. Instead of buying a detroit locker for 700 bucks, they get a worthless limited slip, or nothing, and then embark on a mission. They arrive at a ledge or step and start spinning tires. Then, they realize the only way to get up is to rev the engine, floor it, hit the ledge as hard as possible, and hope momentum gets you up. Eventually, whether it is the first time, thirtyfirst time, or hundredth time, something will break. I have seen Jeeps destroy trannys and transfer cases at the same time doing this. I have seen many axles broken. So many people have no clue that the reason they busted the axle was because of the pressure of the driveshaft which is quickly turning, but the vehicle is going nowhere. So, they go buy 2 ton axles instead of admitting stupidity.

The really bad offroaders own lockers, yet they still rev it up to make a run at the several foot high ledges. The smart thing to do is slowly start up a high ledge, lose traction, then allow the locker to kick in and pull you up. If you're rich, just press a button for an ARB.

People have no clue the amount of wear and tear 4x4 driving puts on a vehicle. If your rig braks down often at home, maybe it can be traced back to the trail.

I bring this post up, because I am tired of hearing people blame factories for their problems. Often times, the list of vehicle casualities can be traced to driver error or failure to think. Fork over a little cash, buy a locker, good rear end gearing (like 3.73 or 4.10), learn how to use the accelerator and brake in tandem to get over obstacles, learn how to ACTUALLY read an RPM gauge, basically put the word "crawl" back in rockcrawl, then complain about the factories....

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