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Posted by hank jr on December 24, 2002 at 00:02:05:

In Reply to: They just don't understand.... posted by hank jr on December 23, 2002 at 20:29:44:

Pugsly- Apparently, you did not read my message. I was referring to people who have breakdowns commonly associated with driver error, like the ones I mentioned which included busted axles, trannies, t-cases, driveshafts, etc, which go out immeadietly after someone does something really stupid and hears a "pop", and suddenly the vehicle stops. Does a distributor which went out as a fluke, appear to resemble a jeep which busts an axle while spinning 4500 RPM to knock a ledge head on? Or, do you just not understand how drivelines work, how this could be a potential problem, and need an in depth explanation from my off road shop's tech journals?

ScooterTRASH- Your moniker fits well, what kind of person uses sexual inuendos towards anonymus internet people? And, as far as tires go, I get new ones every 35000 miles, and "wear" on tires, is different than "flat", or sidewall punctures and other mishaps. Maybe you should put that Alaskan Amber Ale down for a few minutes and you and Pugsly can read my shop journals (where my info comes from) and begin to understand those pressing automotive technology questions like the difference between tire wear and flats, and driveline pressure and distributor malfunction.

P.s.- Pugsly, sounds like the 50000 you invested in the landrover did a lot better than your Blazer!

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