Re: Don't Leave Your Kids In Trona! (Breaking the Law!)

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Posted by Bodie the Dog on January 08, 2003 at 18:36:35:

In Reply to: Don't Leave Your Kids In Trona! posted by Peace of Justice on January 07, 2003 at 15:53:28:

Yeah, Scootertrash, what did you mean by "The female rangers carry Paper in their bullet proof vests to keep it warm and keep it hidden?" That one had me scratching my head, too.

To those who's favorite cry is, "but that's against the law!" take note of this thread. You can be cited for urinating when camping. Does anyone dispute this?

Also, the map shown in this thread appears to have come from the Megan's Law CD. It is my understanding that while the public is welcome to visit their local law enforcement agency to view this CD, it is illegal to print out the contents, take notes, or redistribute the information in any way. My local sheriff actually watches the public as they're reviewing the CD, to ensure compliance with this "no copying" rule. So how did this map get here? Is Peace of Justice a cop, violating the law for his/her own entertainment, or did some sneaky individual bring a floppy disk with him/her to the local police station and save the map that way?

Last Chance Rand: you may want to verify if it's legal to have that map posted here. It may cause you problems....

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