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Posted by Art on February 05, 2003 at 12:43:03:

In Reply to: Re: Passing DV / length posted by Alex on February 05, 2003 at 01:39:29:

My desktop mapping software comes up with about 640 miles (1024km) for the route I suggested. The speed you can drive will vary as determined by conditions and posted speed limits. California law states that 55 MPH is the maximum speed, UNLESS posted with a higher limit. Many sections of the interstate highways are posted for 70 MPH and many of the other major highways are posted for 65 MPH. A lot of the rural roads are posted for 55 MPH (though typical speeds are often above these). Sections of rural roads going through towns are often limited to 35 MPH (and sometimes slower). Much of the route is away from major settlements and most of it has few steep climbs and sharp curves. It is often 50 or more miles between gasoline stops out in the Death Valley area, so don't allow your fuel to get low unless you are sure about where you can fuel. Fuel is much more available in most other areas.

Almost all of the route between LV and SF is going to seem awefully barren to someone from as heavily a forested area as Sweden. Unless you are already familiar with the desert environment, it may take quite a bit to appreciate it! The best way to appreciate the desert is to experience in up close, in an unhurried pace. If you can take the time to get out and hike in some of the canyons, you'd be better off. But, (if you can appreciate them) many of the views along that route are wonderful. As someone said, the side trip up to Dante's view is quite spectacular (especially early on a very clear day). If anyone has any background in geology, this is a wonderful route!

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