What are those cistern things on 178 just s of 190?

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Posted by Genie on March 27, 2003 at 18:34:55:

Along with that question, how the heck do you get to Devil's Hole? we were in ash meadows and followed the signs but never got anywhere except another sign pointing back in the opposite direction.

ALSO many thanks to everybody for all the road information!

We had a great time at the charcoal kilns and at
Pete's cabin/Harrisburg flats...we ended up hiking about two miles from the death valley end parking lot into titus, did not do the drive from beatty end...save it for next time...probably a mistake, but people walking there told me with the rains it was very rutted...what we walked on was just fine. Very cool place, as is mosaic canyon where I'd also never been before. my son rock climbed like crazy. next trip the titus drive and maybe i'll even try racetrack. Someday, i want a 4wd. and to take a trip like the one bodie described so well!

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