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Posted by Scootertrash on April 19, 2003 at 16:39:12:

In Reply to: Steele Pass posted by Permanent Tiller on April 19, 2003 at 00:20:41:

Your friend in the truck was with the park service.A few of the park employees use their own vehicles to claim the mileage expense claim.At 34 cents per mile it makes a nice bonus. 2 years back I was at the Geo cabin on a solo midweek trip. Joel had left info in the log that Mengel was in good shape after a brief rain 2 weeks prior. A visitor in a Red Dodge told me that he had to winch thru the pass and it took 4 hours and spread the word on the way out via West Side Hwy. I was Bummed as I was selling the little Toyota the following sunday and wanted 1 last pass thru before taking delivery of the Ford. The next morning I walked to stellas, then to Russells,hearing a police radio. I was amazed to see Mr.Red Dodge leaving Russells in uniform! Goler was in the best shape I have ever seen it in. Sad that they want to reduce the traffic by giving bogus information.The following January I ran into the husband and wife rangers at Russells and they were very helpful and nice, but they started with the same story about needing a winch because of a 12 foot drop off... I thanked them for their kindness but advised the group that it was bull$hit. Unless there is a major rain or flash flood, expect to find roads as they were on your last visit. Try to get more than one opinion before you take a designated route, and always have self rescue equipment in your rig. There may be something great at the end of the road and the explorer deserves to reach it without unnecessary hassles.

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