Re: air compressors and washboard and useless fords

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Posted by desertsled on May 02, 2003 at 21:10:41:

In Reply to: Re: air compressors and washboard and useless fords posted by Scootertrash on May 02, 2003 at 18:30:20:

scooterT, your obviously not a "poser "or "Rub" and most likely wrench n torque on your own unit, and know it well. I'm sure you also understand the slant of my topic. as you well know Cage mongers are trying many new things these days,, its cool and socially acceptable even fashionable to be a biker or a 4x4 enthuziest at least part time ... real hollywood stuff.. this theory applies in the offroad world too...a total paradox .. i rode harleys for about 10 yrs, my 1st bikes... my ol pan was a dream...a real heritage hardtail..i remember being pulled over for # 's checks on a daily basis.& hassled about my unruly looks and oily hide....i was a bad guy on an american bike..well times they are a changin.. officeboys & nerds do ride harleys and everything else.. and dress like badboys or raceboys while riding/ watching themselves in the reflection of some cage,, i see it all the time out here in dreamrideland , and when you get a parade of these fluff yuppies it's downright dangerous.. i still wear my old 90 weight leathers, wear a non dot leather covered 1/2 bucket, but ride a different motor these days. im not personally attached to it. its just a modern tool for a modern job, which sometimes requires a constant roll on & blow-by sheer horsepower to stay out harms way... and this bike is suited for not critizing the american machine so much as the new breed of brand users and the hype they appear to be falling for....have a safe solo to yuma Bro..LtrrtL

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