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Posted by Scootertrash on June 07, 2003 at 10:01:33:

In Reply to: Re: Barker Ranch posted by SteveS on June 07, 2003 at 08:30:53:

Yes the pool is there, the PVC pipe that feeds it was broken last month and it remains dry. There is a problem with Rabid bats that fall in the water so the park service will dismantle any unnatural water source. The cabin needs work, mainly removal of rat droppings, and I would recommend that you avoid breathing the dust inside as the hanta virus will ruin your trip. Bring a dust mask, and bottled bleach and water(One cup bleach per gallon H20)and mop the interior after you sweep the floors. In the fallen shed is a burn barrel. Light a small wood fire outside in the barrel and burn the sweep up mess.Dezdan may be busy with finals this month but look for his prior posts on Hanta and the Warm Springs bats.
Meyer was reduced to a pile of rubble after an arsonist torched the compound. The remaining tool shed has been recently vandalized also. I would strongly reccomend that you view that property from outside the newly erected fence.There is somebody that wants that property left alone.Last month I saw a back packer just east of the fence, and he fled when he saw my parked motorcycle. The remote locations may attract folks who desire no human contact or those who worship some Psycho killer. Always travel with a group and be careful.

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