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Posted by Zardoz on June 11, 2003 at 09:12:13:

In Reply to: spotlight regulations? posted by Bodie the Dog on June 10, 2003 at 13:47:48:

Two different things here. DVNP treats all roads
like public roads even trails. So you must meet
all standards just like driving on a public highway. So in essence you can't run anything in
DVNP that you can't use on a public highway. So
you can't run a non-DOT approved knobby tire on
your bike. You can't run off road lights and you
could not run a trailer jeep if it is not fully
street legal. I can't imagine not running better
lights at night on trails like steel pass and such. You would never see the holes with stock lights so essentially you are screwed but that is
the law and I have seen many tickets handed out in Saline for such. The other issue is using a
spot light to search for animals and that is a
new one for me. Does that mean if you hear an animal you can't shine a flashlight on it? Probably so I regret to say. Luckily I hope some
common sense prevails here. (yea yea I know :-)

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