Re: Eureka Dunes/ Steel Pass Route- Thanks Michelle

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Posted by Michelle Kaye on July 01, 2003 at 00:23:34:

In Reply to: Eureka Dunes/ Steel Pass Route- Thanks Michelle posted by keith popplewell on June 30, 2003 at 21:26:57:

I haven't done the drive over the pass in almost a year now, as I recall the road is on the south side of the dunes. I haven't got a topo map in front of me, but I know the road is a continuation of the South Eureka Valley Road. This is the road that goes over Steel Pass and around Dedeckera Canyon on the way. It's a rough road though and it takes much patience and skill to navigate it. A narrow wheel-base doesn't hurt either. The rangers should be able to advise you on its present condition. If you only have time for the dunes, they are beautiful in and of themselves. And I'm certain it will be hot. It's been a Hibatchi-like 106-110 here in Vegas, so it will be hotter there. When I was over in the park the other week it was 121 in the valley. I should mention, you can also get to the springs via the Saline Valley Road west of Panamint Springs (BTW: Panamint has the best food in the park). This is an easier route to the springs themselves. If you make it over to springs, watch out for the burros. They're not dangerous, but a herd of them wandering through camp at night will certainly rouse you. --Michelle PS: Bring a bathroom rug or something to throw under the tires to help you if you get stuck in sand.

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