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Posted by Zardoz on July 07, 2003 at 15:03:16:

In Reply to: Definitive Washboard Protocols posted by Felonius on July 07, 2003 at 13:55:21:

Two schools of thought.

Drive real slow. (or)
Drive faster and skip accross the top of the washboard. (WARNING this takes a little skill and
is not very good for the road nor is it very safe
sometimes especially while trying to turn)

As I am sure you noticed as you speed up depending on the frequency of the washboard road
the conditions will change. If it is a short trip of a few miles I will drive slow but if you have to travel lots of miles I will speed up and run on
top of them on the straight sections and slow down before the corners and go around the corners
slowly. The dangerous point is when you accelerate you pass through a few stages where your rig will shake and rattle and you may have
minimum steering control. This is also true when
you slow down. Is it safe? Well probably not but
most of us who spend long hours on bad roads do
it anyway. Good Tires and the best shocks help. I
only use E rated BFG AT KO and Bilsteins. Make sure you get a monotube shock as these cool better which helps them stay in one piece as the
shocks and tires bounce and bounce and bounce. We
won't talk about what it does to the rest of your
vehicle but heh that is what a truck is for anyway right? I am not sure what you mean by a plush suspension but my original brand new hardbody wore out the shocks in 30 miles of washboard so you might not have any shocks after
a few miles if they are cheap units. I think Washboard roads are just part of the experience and I do not think anything is safe or perfect except for a full BAJA type suspension.

Good Luck

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