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Posted by Dennis on July 15, 2003 at 21:31:59:

In Reply to: Temperature confusing posted by Björn on July 13, 2003 at 16:02:56:

The temperature from instaweather is in a different location than the official report
you see come out of Las Vegas NWS everyday,it
actually got up to 127 and 128 on Fri and Sat
I believe,temperatures are rounded off for
instance if it hit 127.6 it would be reported as
The instaweather sensors are located in a small
shelter on a pole in 95% of cases,now I cannot
be a 100% sure but since at least 1913 the
temperature at the old Greenland Ranch/Furnace
Creek and now Visitors center is in a Cotton
region Type Shelter a large box about
3ft X 3ft on wooden or metal legs with the
bottom of box 48 inches from ground,last photo
I have of it is about 2 yrs old,but NWS is moving
to a thermistor sensor housed in a shelter that
looks like a square beehive on a pole these
days that can be aspirated by a fan housed in unit.
But I am a little perplexed at the conflict in temp the last 5 days,I would have expected the
instaweather station I have been watching
real time for last 2 years to have been just
as hot as the officail site when it recorded
128 this weekend but it came in with around
125,everything is from memory so I could be off
by a degree,btw this tied for the second hottest
temperature recorded since July of 1913,it did
hit 129 in the late 90's.
Do not rely on instaweather stations for
real accuracy during daytime hrs,but my
uneducated guess it that the soil temp radiating
up of over 200 degress may have contributed to
the higher temp that the sensor on pole
10-15 ft above the ground.

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