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Posted by Hwy50lvr on July 24, 2003 at 17:57:10:

In Reply to: Arrowheads posted by Chip on July 24, 2003 at 12:30:26:

Chip-I may be a "flake" on this but, If you look on E-Bay, you will find hundreds of arrowheads for sale, estimates are that probably more than 80% of them are fake or modern reproductions. Many of the good ones are sold at high prices with a COA or certificate of authenticity from one of a very few professional certification experts who look at surface features and flake patters to determine authenticity. In my opinion, it is really bad enough that there are so many fakes out there for sale, and to "seed" the wild places of the country with your pieces is really not just un-funny, but really un-aware and un-ethical. Would you also think it is funny to have the boys carve their own petroglyphs out in the desert as well?
As one who has made arrowheads, you know that each finished arrowhead leaves hundreds of flakes. Even the flakes are studied by archeologists in areas of interest. In desert environments, the dry weather can preserve surface features of an artifact for thousands of years making authentication more difficult.

Why don't you go back out there and pick them up, at least its a good excuse to go back out and have some good old desert fun, with a little respect this time.


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