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Posted by Burned on August 07, 2003 at 07:10:39:

In Reply to: ABS and off-roading posted by John Doe on August 06, 2003 at 13:31:38:

If you have a differential-lock and you use it, the ABS will be turned off automatically in most of the common SUV's today. I have to admitt, I'm only familar with the Explorer and Expedition of Ford, but due to simple technical reasons it's very likely you'll experience the same with your 4-Runner. Beside that, bekow a certain speed (5 mp/h or so) the ABS will not come on (again: this was my experience with the Ford models). I do agree with the others who don't recommend to pull the fuse. This could cause other driving aids to fail. As always it might be best, to use good common sense and find out how your car reacts on various road conditions by trying it wherever it seems to be save for you, others and your car...

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