Re: Mr. Monster Fords we salute you!

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Posted by Wombat on August 11, 2003 at 14:43:08:

In Reply to: Re: Mr. Monster Fords we salute you! posted by Real monsterford on August 09, 2003 at 11:41:49:

Only my first wife ever drove a Ford. She and it had a lot in common, unreliable and though pretty when new, quickly becoming a broken down and cantankerous hulk. It would not surprise me if she were in a Ford, even your pink Pinto, as she really has that little going for her. You want her number? I am sure she could forgo showing for a few weeks so as to better match your appearance!

You must be very strong to tow a Datsun! I think you’d have to pull your Ford as well. That would make for a very tiring day for you. I hope you bring enough water. Maybe you could trade up to a Pinto wagon so you’d have room!

As for December 7 and support for America . . . I am sure the Japanese and all the world are very happy your Pinto is still in your hands and not exported . . . the old flatulence in your seat foam would be classified as toxic waste and very dangerous. I bet the plastic Jesus on your Pinto’s dash was made in China! God bless your America . . . may the rest of us never live in it. I imagine so long as we use soap, we’ll be OK there.

Now get back into your hotel room, draw the brown stained floral drapes, lay in your musty bed, April 1971 Playboy in hand and wait for your Viaga to kick in for your 45 seconds of joy before retiring back into your dismal existence.


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