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Posted by possum on August 18, 2003 at 16:04:56:

In Reply to: rent a 4runner posted by Dude on August 16, 2003 at 16:39:51:

The original question was not a bad one, really. Often, you end up with an SUV that does not match the vehicle described on the website nor by the 800 reservation number. Once I rented a Cherokee 4WD from Dollar in LA. Amazed that I actually got what I reserved, I sped away for the Saline. Some time later, I realized that the 4WD linkage had been deliberately disconnected by Dollar, making it a 2WD. So, always check the 4WD mechanism before you drive off. But back to the original question. I've never known a 4Runner to be rented by the major Las Vegas rental agencies. You usually find far less expensive vehicles, my most recent grab bag was a Suzuki. I've also been surprised by a troublesome Blazer. It's unpredictable what you get. But I'd like to try a 4Runner before I buy one, and knowing that 800 numbers and websites give bogus information much (most?) of the time, I'd still like to know firsthand if 4Runners are indeed rentable in Las Vegas at a reasonable price by any major rental company. I've also learned that it is hard to phone the rental agency at a specific location (asking them to confirm which SUV they really have). As I said, those 800 central reservation people seem to be guessing at what's actually available. Very frustrating. Once you do manage to get the phone number at the specific location, it's not answered, and just gets forwarded to central reservations. And, finally, rental websites are very tedious, can crash my computer, or simply not work right. Much of the Internet is faulty, you know, including *this* message board which doesn't seem to threat discussions correctly!

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