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Posted by Wombat on August 25, 2003 at 18:17:40:

In Reply to: Re: rent a 4runner posted by See's the truth on August 23, 2003 at 19:12:27:

> It's apparent that wombat is the troll

Oh you foolish little child. Look closely. Who was first to ask that people stop assuming “Dude” was incompetent and simply asking a question that we might consider answering properly? Look through the threads on this forum and see in which ones I’ve posted. Do I jump in with off topic foolishness into legitimate threads and posts? The answer to those two questions is simply no.

As Troll Avenger I am the true anti-troll. I stay on topic until idiots such as you venture into self-serving ass hole behavior. Look at your post. If you were not a TROLL you would have added information about 4-Runner rentals to this thread. However, you instead chose to post some silly little assumptions about me. This thread is not about me, AAA’s self absorbed perfection fantasies, MonterFord’s delusions about his choice in vehicle or your little half witted off topic remarks.

If you want a clean forum with nice clean threads, stay off people’s asses. Be nice! Stay on topic. Keep you personal problems and sarcastic comment to yourself. If you do not do that, then Troll Avenger will swoop down, belittle you and pollute your dumb ass thread until no one reads it.

Now, lets see you play like a big boy and post information about rentals in this thread. If you have no information on that, get lost (figuratively and literally if you’d really care to help out).

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