Roads Condtions of N. Death Valley as of August 31, 2003

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Posted by Joel Briggs on August 30, 2003 at 21:27:21:

Road Conditions of N. Death Valley as of August 31, 2003.

North Pass Road: CLOSED. North Pass is an easy ride until a mile north of Willow Springs Camp. Here you will encounter a major wash out: a 12’ vertical drop, 20’ across and two other requiring 4WD. There is no way to get around it – until the county brings in some heavy equipment. See picture.

Steele Pass/Eureka Dunes: Open and no changes. Still requires a HC 4WD to get up and down the “steps” for Steele Pass. Eureka Dunes does not require a HC 4WD and is accessable from Big Pine or Grapevine Station.

Saline Valley Hot Springs: Yes, we made it - our secret. But, per Lizard Lee, we have been the first visitors for two weeks. Stated South Pass was also closed near the Lippincott Rd. cutoff. Did not verify this.

South Pass Rd: Excellent condition to the Hunter Mtn. Turn off. Did not go any further into Saline Valley – turned off at Hunter Mtn.

Cerro Gordo Rd./Yellow Grade Rd: Some rough spots, but doable.

Swansea Loop: Mile on this road from Swansea, very rough and will require HC 4WD.

Lee Flat Rd: Excellent with some minor wash outs. Does not require HC 4WD.

Lippincott Rd: Open and no changes. Still requires a HC 4WD.

Papoose Flat Rd: Excellent. In fact, did not have to go into 4WD once well roaming this beautiful country.

Cucomunga Canyon: Some wash outs, but drivable with some caution.

Deep Springs Valley: Excellent and no major problems. Some mud debris scattered across the road.

Big Pine Rd. / Eureka Valley / Hanging Rock Canyon: Driving on it August 26, Inyo County was finishing up some mud debris. Other than that, open all the way to DV/Grapevine Station.

Hunter Mtn. Pass: Open with some dried mud holes. Had to remove six large boulders. So do not go around a corner at 45mph. Might hit a road – like I did. Ouch, and reason why I had to cut short my vacation.

Racetrack Rd: Excellent and still washboard. Did not require going into 4WD.

Now to dispel some rumors/facts:
Cabin at Last Chance Spring is gone – burned to the ground. I will post the picture on the previous post.

Only one kettle on display at the Teakettle Junction sign – what a shame.

Will post more pictures on my website sometime next week - hopefully.

923 miles logged for this week long trip - whew!!

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