Saline Valley Road and Repairs

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Posted by Just a regular reader on September 05, 2003 at 13:04:42:

In Reply to: Big Pine road posted by zardoz on September 04, 2003 at 10:00:27:

My two cents

I tried South Pass last week and could not get any further than three miles north of Lippincot Road. To cross it would require a high clearance four-wheel drive vehicle. Even at that, it would have been a challenge. I am not saying it is not passable. Just could not do it in my rig. I own a F350 4WD Extended Cab.

I did the same route Joel did. Big Pine, Eureka Valley, Steele Pass, Saline Valley, attempted South Pass and turned back. Back tracked to Steele Pass, and exited out of Big Pine. The road leading into the hot springs from Saline Valley Road requires a high clearance vehicle too. Some major wash outs along this road leading up to the spring.

With regard to Saline Valley Road. I know that an assessment team is going out there next week. I know for a fact Joel Briggs is tagging along (sorry Joel). What will happen with this team, we can only shake our heads in wonder. It will not be an easy task for these three agencies to come to an agreement.

I must agree with Zardoz. The road won’t be repaired for sometime based on previous dealings with the NPS. BLM would just grade and ask question later. This is what they have already purposed. The BLM has good intentions. I just think their hands will be tied here by the NPS. The NPS will do a case study and then more case studies.

Reviewing the photos Joel supplied, this is a major rebuilding project and there is no easy answer. Inyo County has already asked the question, “who is going to (help) pay for it?” This is the demon of all agencies. Regardless, Inyo County is responsible for the road and does have a thirty-foot easement for such repairs. Hopefully they will take it by the horns and tackle it very quickly.

I like doing the North Pass route. Fall is just around the corner. A perfect time for Saline Valley. We can only hope it will be done before the season is upon us.

One more thing. Lee needs bleach to help clean the tubs. Please bring along a few gallons if you’re heading out that way.

Thanks Joel and Zardoz for the updates. They are greatly appreciated.

A Lone Man in Lone Pine

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