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Posted by Scootertrash on September 28, 2003 at 01:30:04:

In Reply to: Greater View Cabin (Stella's place) posted by Denver on September 27, 2003 at 16:05:28:

Hello Gilligan...(denver)Stella needs that pipe in the attic section. It is currently wrapped with aluminum foil and the rats think it is jiffy pop and chew the $hit out of it. 2 four foot sections will work. Pre punch a few holes and connect with sheet metal screws. A can of henrys wet or dry application roof tar( 1 quart will do) will seal the top. When you access the top section, try to stand on a sheet of ply as the roof is getting old like all of us.Stella needs hinges on the restroom door.
Russells needs the catch basin cleared at the intake to restore flow. I removed a monster skunk recently, and there is still debris on the screen. Try not to stir it up too much. I even use disposable gloves as that is a pure water source when Mr. skunk does not drown there. As for the tree line, I think the leak is in the section that crosses the donkey gate. You will see a black section that was repaired with hose clamps in the exact middle of the prolongation of the gate posts.It is buried 9 inches down. Remove a hose clamp and see if the flow is good. If not, follow the line uphill to the well.With good flow at the gate, follow the line down until you find your blockage.To pass time also, I manually water the last 2 trees with the 5 gallon bucket in the shed, and We leave the ice chest ice on a tree when we leave. Have a great trip and thank you for taking care of Old Russ and onry old stella.

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