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Posted by EK on October 03, 2003 at 10:21:21:

In Reply to: Re: Surprise Canyon posted by NoKarma4U on October 02, 2003 at 19:34:23:

Why do we have to give them anything? Isn't this road/parking area public property within the DV Park? Are't I'm allowed to park here legally after paying my park entrance fee? Bring me beer, cigarettes, or firewood (because I'm too cheap and lazy to get it myself when I CHOSE to live way out here) or I'll damage/steal from your car. Sounds like extortion to me. How about those guys give me something?
My buddy and I hiked to Panamint City a few years ago and parked the truck legally and not blocking anything. We got almost to P.C. but had to turn around due to weather and a knee problem. When we got near our car, we saw someone from the house was rooting around the truck. As soon as he saw us, he immediately said he was looking for "stuff" in his garbage pile. Since the garbage pile was his, he should KNOW what was in it. Personally, I think if we had not returned so soon, he would have "helped" himself to whatever was in our truck.
I'm an experienced desert traveler. When I meet someone on the road, I greet them with a cold beer or soda, and a map with a description of the road I just traveled... in case thay want the conditions. I may also share any interesting places I've seen.
Just a thought. I'd obviously repay any act of kindness they show. But, to have "pay" for parking near their house is BS.
It's just like the people who complain about airport noise. Hey, ya Bonehead!, YOU bought a house near the airport! Didn't ya see the big noisy things with wings that went VROOOOM?
Just my 2cents worth........
Keep on traveling!

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