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Posted by danamite on October 20, 2003 at 04:30:19:

In Reply to: Re: Saline Valley from the South and luck posted by johnc on October 09, 2003 at 19:59:21:

Thanks everyone! Lucky I don't frighten easily & have been doing the remote back roads camping thing for 2 decades now. Had my 2WD Isuzu, GPS & coordinates, 4 maps, food, water, first aid kit, tow strap, tools, water, 2 strong guys, etc.

I love the place!! SALINE HOT SPRINGS was amazing & I will be back - yes, in my lil Isuzu w/ chains (for winter fun). I have on board air & was able to take my AT tires to 18 psi for a more comfortable ride. The canyon is steep, but very scenic & the grade (alluvial drive) was bumpy, but very do-able. On the valley floor I could only get up to 40 mph a few times, but saw that 30 mph was a better speed.

Opted not to take the first right turn (cuz maps showed it disppear ('2 mi ahead closed' sign helped too). We arrived at 8:30 THUS night to be greeted by fine friendly folks at lower camp. Stayed 3 nights & it wasn't even long enough.

We fit 3 people, icechest, all gear & firewood (& a drum) all in my small SUV vehicle. High clerance is the way to go. Glad we didn't take the "Honda Element" (hehehe)

The road was not nearly as bad as I had invisioned (been in Baja - lot worse). I can see the dirt road at pinyon/6500' being muddy & almost impoossible to deal with in snow in my 2WD, but luckily the weather was clear, dry & gorgeous.

So since I live at 5000' elevation west of Mojave, I hope I will be able to judge the snow levels before I head out for my next trip there.

Next adventure: Fish Slough Petroglyphs, Benton Hot Springs for Thanksgiving


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