new rare plant found in Saline Valley!

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Posted by Croquet Lover on November 04, 2003 at 15:51:31:

Plant Enthusiasts,
It took some research, but I was able to find the following description of a rare plant I recently encountered in Saline Valley. Read on...

The Nail Aloe (Aloeitious nailensis var. puncturii)

"The rare and unassuming nail aloe grows on alluvial fan surfaces in the Southern Great Basin between 1000-3000 feet. It is particularly fond of disturbed areas, such as old 4x4 trails. It grows in long narrow clusters, with individual rigid spiked leaves growing straight upward. The root is in the form of a very woody tuber, often resembling a piece of 1x4 inch lumber. In fact, when they are unearthed, the plant often resembles a board filled with rusty nails."

Unfortunately, I drove right over some of these rare plants and killed them. I will be more careful next time, but someone should alert the Inyo Co. Roads Dept. about this, because they will surely be driving on these same 4x4 tracks during their repair of the North Pass washout. They may end up driving right over some more of these little rascals...

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