Re: Its Christmas not xmas. Jesus is the reason for the season.

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Posted by Harold Ericsson on November 23, 2003 at 13:35:03:

In Reply to: Its Christmas not xmas. Jesus is the reason for the season. posted by Family Man on November 23, 2003 at 10:07:03:

10. In writing the name Christ, esp. in abbreviated form, X or x represents the first letter (kaI) of Gr. VQI#SO# khristos, and XP or xp the first two letters (kaIr@U). Hence in early times XX, in modern times Xt, Xt, and X, are used as abbreviations of the syllable Christ, alone or in derivatives; thus †XXen, XXn = christen, †XXenned = christened; †Xpian, Xtian(ity) = Christian(ity); Xmas (Xstmas, Xtmas) = Christmas.
†XXc stands for VQ# contracted form of VQI#SO#; cf. IHS.

a1100 O.E. Chron. an. 1021 On XXes mæsse uhtan. c1380 Wyclif Serm. Sel. Wks. I. 337 In țis word Vix ben but țree lettris, V, and I, and X. And V bitokeneț fyve; I bitokeneț Jesus; and X bitokeneț Crist. 1426 Lydg. De Guil. Pilgr. 19951 XXc ți sone, țat in țis world alighte, Vp on țe cros to suffre his passioun. 1485 Rolls of Parlt. VI. 280/1 The most famous, blessed and Xpen Prince. Ibid. 336/1 Any Kyng or Prynce in England XXenned. 1573 Baret Alv. s.v. Y, The long mistaking of this woorde Xs, standing for Chrs by abbreuation which for lacke of knowledge in the greeke they tooke for x, p, and s, and so like~wise Xofer. 1598 Rowlands Betraying of Christ (Hunter. Cl.) 25 Xpian the outward, inward, not at all. 1634 Documents, agst. Prynne (Camden) 33 Such right+as your Xtianity, place, and function joyntly require. 1685–6 MS. in Bk. Com. Pr. 1662 (Bodl.), My first child+Xstened on thursday the 28 of the same month. a1697 Aubrey Lives, Milton (MS. Aubrey 8. lf. 63), He was so faire, that they called him the lady of Xts coll. 1711 Hearne Collect. (O.H.S.) III. 155 This Note I took out of a Book of Mr. Urry of Xt. Church. 1811 Xtianity [see inerasable a.]. 1842 Francis Dict. Arts, etc. s.v., Xmas. for Christmas, Xpher. for Christopher, &c. 1845 M. Arnold Let. Mar. (1932) 55 When Tait had well observed that strict Calvinism devoted 1000s of mankind to be eternally,—and paused—I, with, I trust the true Xtian Simplicity suggested ‘—’. 1915 A. Huxley Let. Oct. (1969) 79 The ethics are identical with Xtian ethics. 1940 E. Pound Cantos lviii. 74 They drove the Xtians out of Japan. 1966 D. Jones Let. 8–16 June in R. Hague Dai Greatcoat (1980) iv. 223 All chaps should be awfully good+is+more or less what the present notion of Xtianity boils down to.

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