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Posted by Kooky on November 29, 2003 at 15:02:30:

Adopt-a-Cabin Volunteers Wake up call 

As BLM adopt-a-cabin volunteers do you verify the information BLM gives you as to ownership of these structures you adopt and alter? Do you investigate if the claims are still valid or have been abandoned and reverted back to the government? Are you aware of the new mining regulations that makes it appear that claims and buildings are abandoned, when they are really valid and active? Before you remove mining equipment, propane tanks, roofs, antiques, other peoples private property, do you make absolutely certain there is not private ownership attached to them? That they have truly been abandoned instead of merely stored, to be ready for future mining activities. 

When you see private property, no trespassing, keep out, danger, and other cautionary and regulatory signs, do you pay any attention to them? As responsible adults that constantly complain about BLM’s incompetence and negligence shouldn’t you do a lot of investigating prior to helping them do something that might be ruining the lives of some innocent people? Can you not see that one by one these cabins disappear due to being burned down and all that is left might be a real goal of BLM’s and the Sierra Club? The land now without anything but the governments ownership? Without evidence of man it can now become a wilderness area, thus keeping you out too. 

If this is truly a program to benefit the public, why does BLM decide to burn down an adopt-a-cabin once the public becomes too aware of it, due to its ease of accessibility? Why are so few of them listed on the adopt-a-cabin brochures? Have any of you investigated the legality of BLM’s use of this program? Have you talked to any of the previous happy owners as BLM likes to call them? What about the ones that were forced to loose everything they had worked years for, with your eager volunteer help? Do any of you ask previous owners to tell you what might be a story of BLM’s manipulation of new regulations and your eager help to do their seizures of property? Do you see the legal paperwork? Before “you sign” an M.O.U. and group agreement? Do you protect yourself from a possible lawsuit due to your participation with seizing what might legally be other people’s private property? As adults you have to do this. You have to protect yourself, in case BLM is doing something illegal. If they do, you are equally responsible if a lawsuit were to develop. Why do you think you are required to sign a confidentiality agreement to participate in this BLM program? Is it so you can protect BLM from legal or illegal activity? Or maybe so BLM can throw you to the wolf’s if a conflict between the legal owner and BLM ever develops. Maybe BLM will blame you if they are ever caught doing an illegal seizure of property to maintain it for the public, like they did at the White Swan cabin. 

BLM told the legal owner of the Silver Swans that their illegal taking of what they are calling the White Swan cabin was all your fault. If the owner wanted to initiate a lawsuit or file criminal charges, they should do it against their volunteers not BLM.

Have any of you called the Court Recorders office to get the address or phone number of that person and asked? Have any one of you investigated what the true story is between BLM and poor old Toni? What happened in that situation between BLM and that private property holder? Start investigating what you are really into. As adults you can be held equally as responsible as BLM. Investigate! 


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