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Posted by RL on December 04, 2003 at 12:26:40:

In Reply to: Re: Total Destruction of a Great Lil' Ranch posted by Felonius on December 04, 2003 at 11:14:30:

Thanks. Yes indeed. Roland was a good friend and a mentor. He taught me a lot about human nature and I loved his sense of humor. A lot of people thought he was a little crazy for doing what he did out there. And like you said-he was just doing what he wanted to do. A lot of what can be found on the web about Cathedral Canyon and Roland is simply not the real story. Roland was special guy and he was not nuts or off-base at all. He was an accomplished professional. He was DA when Bugsy ran Vegas. Roland pieced that ranch together a few acres at a time. He loved that place.

He even had names for the canyons and arroyos there. He was very fond of one little "corting" canyon he called "Marshmellow canyon.

He had a big place down in Mexico on Lake Chapala too. He used to be a pilot and in the days when it was a long dusty drive out to that ranch at Hidden Hills, he'd simply fly his Bonanza over the hill from LV to his personal paradise and have his world all to himself and a few lucky friends. Then he built the Cathedral Canyon to share with everyone once the paved roads were in.

Roland would have his ranch hand Jesse Taylor; who was a genius builder and heavy machine operator, make roads, put in watering systems etc. Jesse built the canyon attractions and kept the roads and the runways graded and the ranch running correctly along with his charming wife Bobby Taylor. She reminded me of Dale Evans.

Sounds like Roland's family is just holding the land. Heck-maybe they sold it off already.

The real bummer is that there are some very special geographical, historical and significant cultrural artifacts on that ranch. It is not far from Stump Spring, where there was a Wells Fargo Stage Coach Station on the Spanish Trail. There are major American Native ruins on that ranch and on the bluffs out there; besides all of the features Roland put in.

Ha-The ranch house was 8 miles from the mailbox. Roland had an old Grayhound bus, and we'd all pile in that and head-up to the mailbox to see if there was any mail. What a hoot that was. Roland had his personal Cats, tractors, backhoes, skip loaders, graders and even a 631 Loaded Scraper to make his own roads. Jessee would run them all.

I see too that Keeoh's bones are apparently gone. There was a grave and historical marker at the top of the Canyon where that Renegade's remains were buried. He was the "Last Renegade Indian in Nevada" & Roland had a personal tribute to that Native Son there on his ranch. Where are the bones now? The vandals took all of that too?


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