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Posted by Stop Public Lands Ranching on December 08, 2003 at 18:26:00:

In Reply to: Treasure Hunter's posted by Another Kook on December 08, 2003 at 13:39:43:

Public land is public land. No claim nor lease holder has any lawful right to restrict the public from access including entering and enjoying any structures on public land. That goes for ranches as well as mines. This is a well known fact that is clearly spelled out to any lease holder or claimant before papers are drawn. It is very immature to reap free land and then bitch about the rules later. If it doesn't sit well for you, then spend your money on private land. Over 90% of the mining claims are toxic messes that are cleaned up by millions upon millions public dollars. Miners pay no royalties on their extractions. Public lands ranchers are subsidized by tax dollars, 6 fold over what they earn. Only 3% of the beef in the USA comes from the Western states yet the US "Wildlife Services" spends $300 million dollars a year killing buffalo, coyotes, mountain lions, golden eagles, bears and more, in order to protect the cows that are on your public lands. Once animals such as the wolf, grizzly and Jaguar are pushed to the point of extinction by your tax dollars, then you get to spend more tax dollars for the USFWS to try and save them.

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