Re: We can fight them in nyc or iraq........

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Posted by Fix America First on December 09, 2003 at 17:01:59:

In Reply to: We can fight them in nyc or iraq........ posted by mike on December 09, 2003 at 11:33:00:

It's such a shame that Bush successfully convinced a great number of presumably intellegent people that Iraq was somehow involved in the WTC attacks. People bought that one hook, line and sinker. (But then, we are a very gullible society that is too easily misled. "Our leader said it, it must be true!") Osama bin Laden, not Saddam Hussein, orchestrated the attacks. bush has decided that the US needs more influence in the affairs of the mideast, (particularly in the oil markets), so he's created out thin air and great opportunism, (there is no credible evidence that Iraq was involved in the attacks), the myth of an "immenent direct threat" to the security of the US from Iraq. If you believe that Iraq actually constitued a threat to us, I have lots of bridges I'll sell you. george bush has squandered an incredible amount of world support by his unilateral go it alone attitude. He has cost the lives of hundreds of US soldiers and countless innocent Iraqi civilians in his immoral, unjust, indefensible pre-emptive war based on lies, fabrications, and omissions. Iraq is the wrong target. Al Qaeda should have been the target, but george seems to care more about saddam. After all he did try to kill his daddy. Give me a break......

Now about Iraq. The most effective way to deal with the fact that Saddam was violating the rightly imposed UN resolutions, (that's right, Saddam is guilty of thumbing his nose at the UN and the world. I didn't say he was a nice guy, just that he didn't bomb NY) is through pressure from the UN and the world community. It may not be a perfect institution but it brings a cooperation and credibility to deal with tyrants like Saddam, and he should be dealt with! Constant pressure, inspections and yes, force if necessary (although george's use of force against Iraq was clearly premature) would have been the better path to take for many, many reasons including the insane amount of money the US is spending in Iraq while there are so many urgent needs here in the US. george bush was and is wrong about his approach to Iraq. Shame on george bush

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