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Posted by cuz on December 22, 2003 at 20:52:12:


Posted by CUZ

With the assistance of the Adopt-a-cabin Program volunteers, Bureau of Land Management does not limit themselves to only taking abandoned structures on played out mining claims. BLM, with the help of the volunteers, intimidates and manipulates private claimholders into being forced into giving BLM the deeds to their private structures. BLM also demands the signing of an MOU by the claimholder so the volunteers and various clubs, programs and organizations can use the valid claims for rock collecting and recreational purposes. Once BLM has an MOU the miner can no longer work them at a profit or with a reasonable expectation of safety or privacy ever again. Once the public becomes accoustomed to using the claims there is no reliable way to stop them or the volunteers . Once BLM has the deed they never return it. Once the BLM has the MOU the miner can no longer work them at a profit, no matter how many valuable minerals are on the claim for the miner to extract. Once this adoption takes place, it is final. BLM must legally have the deed and MOU before using anyones’ private structures on private claims. BLM did not have an MOU or the deed before they took the Silver Swan claims, with the help of the volunteers. The owner was not notified or afforded due process. It is a silver mine containing other valuable minerals. It is not a talc mine. BLM would not allow her (the owner’s) caretaker to live there when the claims were idle. They would not let her remove the structures because the BLM wanted them for their own agenda. She donated 200 (two hundred) acres to BLM for the use of the local astronomers. These were the 10 (ten) White Swan claims. BLM did not give the White Swan claims to the astronomers. Instead, BLM took the White Swan claim names and put them on the Silver Swan claims, to show proof they were government owned. The BLM did not take the Silver Swan claims or structures legally. After giving the claims to the astronomers, she planned to live in her structures and work her Silver Swan claims, thinking the astronomers could watch her place during her periods of absence. Her claims were in compliance when BLM took them for the Adopt-a-cabin volunteers. Her taxes were paid and current. BLM knew all of this. Since her ownership began in 1993, she has paid over $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) in claims fees to BLM. When she was told the public was living in her house and using her claims, with the assistance of the volunteers, she called the BLM. The BLM denied everything. Steve Smith said he had never heard of the White Swan Cabin. BLM blamed the volunteers (in writing). BLM said they did not take her place for the volunteers and that BLM had no interest in her place. BLM said the local people were lying to her about it. They told her to litigate against the volunteers, not BLM. The sheriff would not allow her to evict the trespassers from her house. BLM refused to return the legal claim names , so, she could not prove ownership or work her claim. BLM refused to release her of liability or to help her resolve the other legal complications their illegal occupancy had caused her. BLM refused to change her claim status from recreational back to mining purposes only. BLM took her road easement rights from her and Lynne Gum told her she can no longer maintain her road or use heavy equipment on her road or at her claims. According to the Historic Society, her claims have no historic interest. She was not able to litigate against BLM because they had denied everything, except for what the volunteers did. She had been told that the volunteers did not have BLM permission or authority. In spite of the fact that the BLM has her place illegally, they have refused to legally return it to her. BLM has liabled her and filled the volunteers with misinformation on purpose. As Scootertrash said, “BLM is still encouraging the use of her place by volunteers and the public.” As always, Scootertrash is right. again. The BLM is now in the process of making their illegal taking of her place legal by forcing her into non-compliance. You can call this “due process” after a BLM taking of property. If she used her claims under their White Swan names, she would be the trespasser. She has no way to stop BLM unless they return her legal claim names back to the Silver Swans. She cannot stop them from living in her house or camping on her claims. She has only been living in Arizona for 2 (two) years. She is having to live in a 16’ (sixteen foot) travel trailer while the volunteers and the public enjoy her house at the claims. She is currently having this BLM office investigated for corruption, with the help of a prominent Senator. She is also having the legalities of the Adopt-a-cabin Program investigated as public fraud, among other things. She is putting together a class action lawsuit with other previous cabin owners. She does not have a good computer and is not able to use it well. I am her cousin. She told me that if you want to verify any of this, you can contact her via Tom Lanshaw at the Assessor’s office to get the names and addresses of the real owner of the Silver Swan claim that you know as the White Swan claims. This is the Inyo County Courthouse in Independence, California. Send her your phone number with a fax number [if possible] and she will call you back. She knows that most of you will trash her, but she will contact you anyway, at her expense. She says she can handle the trashing by considering the source…..


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