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Posted by Cynthia on January 01, 2004 at 22:09:38:

In Reply to: Re: burro schmidt tunnel posted by SteveS on December 18, 2003 at 14:53:24:

There is a land and environment group with lawyers willing to help Dave Ayers keep the place as it is and as Tonie Seger wished it to be. The group will help for a fraction of the cost, they said it would cost about 1,000. a month for the next (estimated) 5 or 6 years. Dave can't afford this, he does not have a job. If he leaves for the day to work in Randsburg or Ridgecrest it would cost him a fortune in gas money and there would be no one to "watch" the place while he was gone. The place would be looted of the artifacts.

Now about the trash........ Half of the trash is left by visitors, they have enough room in their vehicle to bring the stuff but do not think they need to take back what they brought. Maybe they did not notice there is NO garbage service. What is Dave supposed to do with used diapers? He needs help.

It is depressing to have someone you took care of and loved, yes, he loved Tonie as if she was his own grandmother, die and then have vultures (BLM)come and threaten and LIE to you about your status of continuing to live on the site. The BLM (Linn Gum) told Dave he could not continue mining because they had registered the tunel and area on the National Register of Historic Places. Thus Dave could not touch the mining sites. We now think the site has not been registered. Linn was "wrong" about what he told Dave.

Please go out to Schmidt's Tunnel and visit Dave, bring him some food and pack out a few bags of other peoples trash.

Thanks for listening....
Cynthia Schmidt

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