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Posted by SpelunkerDebunker on January 14, 2004 at 22:57:17:

In Reply to: myths and legends posted by kiwi on January 14, 2004 at 21:50:32:

In the book entitled Underground Alien Bases by Commander X (ISBN:0-938294-92-X, 1990, Abelard Productions, Inc.) the Paihute Indian legend of an ancient underground city beneath Death Valley is repeated. The city was first described in the 1932 book by Bourke Lee, Death Valley Men. The story goes that two Panamint prospectors, Bill Corcoran and Jack Stewart, stumbled into the great cavern after breaking through the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft in the extreme southern end of the range near Wingate Pass. They supposedly explored a natural tunnel-like cave that was 20 miles long and found mummies adorned in golden trinkets and holding golden spears. The cavern also allegedly held mounds of golden treasure. Aparantely, the ancient civilization had lived there long ago, when the valley was under water; and Bill and Jack concluded that the giant portals they found on the eastern escarpment of the Panamints overlooking the salt flat were, in fact, giant ship docks that were used to access the city before the sea dried up. Later, in 1946, the self-described Dr. F. Bruce Russell claimed to have found the same underground treasure trove. He attempted to profit from the find by gathering a group of investors and establishing the firm, Amazing Explorations, Inc. to handle the publicity. It seems that the Doctor disappeared shortly thereafter and his abandonded car was found in the desert with a ruptured radiator. In Commander Xs work, the author takes the myth a step further and describes the Panamint cavern as one of several alien underground bases from which flying saucers emanate. This all may seem plausible; however, to me it sounds like too much Alaskan Amber mixed with the type of bullshit that is so typical of Death Valley desert rats.

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